2020 LakeWalk for Cancer

Jean's Beans

Thank you for joining Jean's Beans!  Jean was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in July of 2018 and underwent treatment followed by Whipple Surgery. 

More than 56,700 Americans were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2019.  Pancreatic Cancer has a five-year survival rate which continues to stand at 9 percent.  There is unprecedented progress taking place in laboratories and clinics to extend and improve the lives of patients facing the disease today and in the future. 

Personally, I walk in honor of the beautiful people in my life impacted by cancer....our family members, friends, work colleagues, and family members of friends.

I also walk for complete strangers and their loved ones.

I walk to support my husband and our friends who do valuable, sacred work every day to support cancer patients and their families.

I walk because I have been blessed to bear witness to how the patient and family support services and the research are vital to helping people navigate diagnosis, treatment, and survival.

I walk because I have hope.

Most importantly, I walk because I love my mom, Jean.

Together, we wage hope for continual forward progress in advancing the research of cancer to the benefit of patients and caregivers.

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